Our Capabilities

Core Cutter is proud to offer a wide variety of carbide cutting tool services including, but not limited to: Design, Manufacture, Inspection, Edge Preparation, Tool Coatings and more. We are confident our tooling will exceed your expectations and improve productivity by reducing cycle time and increasing tool life. We design all of our products to perform at the highest level of machining in all applications. We specialize in quick deliveries on all standard, reconditioned and custom-made tooling.

Core Cutter LLC - Helitronic Vision


CNC 5-Axis Tool & Cutter Grinders:

Walter Vision w/ Loader

Walter Power w/ Loader

Schneeberger Gemini

Edge Preparation:

BelAir Drag Finishing Machine

Core Cutter LLC - James inspects

Core Cutter LLC - Dominator Laser Engraver

Laser Marking:

Cobalt Dominator

Manual / NC Grinders:

Super Tec Cylindrical Myford Cylindrical

#2 Cincinnati Grinders

Harig Surface Grinder

Inspection Equipment:

Walter Helicheck ProFlexbar Video Inspection

Jones & Lamson PC-14

Optical Comparator

Core Cutter LLC - Helicheck Pro


We use Oerlikon Balzers® for all tool coatings. With pickup and drop off services every Tuesday and Thursday, the turn-around for coated tools is convenient and fast. Our primary coating offerings are BALINIT ALCRONA PRO™ (Alcrona Pro), BALINIT LATUMA™ (AlTiN) for ferrous materials, and BALINIT HARD CARBON™ for non-ferrous materials. The BALINIT HARD CARBON™ coating is run daily in Michigan.